FGAoE Frequently Asked Questions

Putting FootGolf First

  1. When are Competitions likely to start?
     Our National Tour kicks off on the 18 th April, whilst our Regional Tours will
    commence on the 21 st March.
     National Tour schedule to be released in full by 31 st January and the Regional Tours
    by 28 th February.
  2. I know the current situation is not easy, but what is your contingency plans regarding
     We will follow Government advice and keep our Members up to date at regular
  3. What is on offer in terms of Prizes? Points? Trophies? and how does the point system
    work and how many can I earn?
     Cash Prize Funds will primarily be funded by Sponsorship but will be monitored at
    regular intervals.
     The ratio of player payout to be discussed once any Prize Fund announced.
     Season points awarded to Overall, Over 45, Female & Junior in every National and
    Regional Event.
     Trophies/Medals will be awarded at every National and Regional Event – Overall,
    Over 45, Female, Junior, Newcomer & Amateur.
     Tour Points awarded in three Categories, A, B & C
     Regional Events = Category C, apart from the Regional Masters = Category B
     Regional Open = Category B
     English, Welsh and Scottish Opens = Category A
     National Tour Season Rankings = best 6 from 8
     Regional Tour Season Rankings = best 7 from 10
     All scores to count for 2021 England qualification.
     The Tour Points will be released soon.
  4. What courses do we have to play Regional Events on? Is there a set fee to host an
     Our Tour structures are almost complete and will be released in full by the end of
     All Course costs vary in price, there is no set charge.
  5. What do you win for the National Matchplay?
     The Matchplay Event is a Category B National Tour Event.
     Points awarded on your National Tour Ranking.
  6. When you qualify for the England Squad do you get given a full England kit?
     Our plan is to raise the £2000 to provide Players kit for the Four Nations i.e., Polo
    Socks and Shorts plus Green Fees.
  7. Do Over 45s, Females and Juniors pay a different entry fee?
     Over 45 and Females will pay the standard Event fee.
     Juniors enter Regional Category C events for FREE but will be charged 50% entry
    fee in Regional Opens, National Matchplay and English Open.
  8. What is the reason behind the Pairs Competition being on the day before the Event?
     Individual and Pairs are two different Competitions, Pairs Events will be Foursomes
    (alternate shot).
  9. Can a small Business or Member Sponsor a Regional or National Event?
     Yes. All Sponsorship is welcome, we will have full details of our Sponsorship
    packages from our Business Development Team soon.
  10. Will there be different Tee positions for Females/Juniors?
     Yes, on holes where required during a Competition.
  11. Will there be a Season Ticket?
     No, our prices are so low we couldn’t offer any further discounts.
  12. Any thoughts on Handicaps or will it be a Pro and Am Category?
     FGAoE will not be having a Handicap system.
     FootGolf is an Amateur Sport, we will offer a season long “Overall Category” and an
    Amateur Award at each Event.
  13. Will Competition Groups be drawn randomly?
     National Tour Events will be a 100% random draw for Round one and score order in
    Round two.
     All National Tour Group draws will be Live on Social Media.
     Regional Tour Events will be random but will see a mix of experienced players with
    new players.
  14. Will the Welsh and Scottish tour points count towards the English rankings?
     Yes, points from the Welsh and Scottish Opens will also find their way onto our
    rankings system in England, and vice versa.
  15. What will the group sizes be?
     Group sizes will be a maximum of four.
  16. Is there anything non players can do whilst at the 4 Nations Event?
     There will be an event of sorts for travelling non-qualifying players at the 4 Nations
    Event. Details TBC
  17. Where can I see updates if I am not on Social Media?
     Any updates on Social Media will also go on to the Official website and WhatsApp
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